Upcoming ACE Workshop on May 30

Actionable ideas for Competitive Execution (ACE) will be a 2 hours Workshop on Zoom to help you build & execute a sustainable prep strategy to ACE Competitive exams such as CAT & UPSC

Hey everyone! Greetings from Bangalore :)

The biggest reason people struggle with competitive exams like CAT & UPSC is not what you might think. It's not starting too late or poor planning. The main reason is our failure to execute a sustainable strategy.

This upcoming workshop will be facilitated by me, Pranshu Agarwal (Founding partner, StrangerSapiens) to help students minimize the struggle we all face during an exam prep.

I am a CAT 99.95%er & now a Productivity Coach. Over a decade of acing 40+ national level exams , my time at BITS Pilani & coaching past aspirants, I have recognized key challenges and come up with actionable interventions to help one ACE competitive exams.

This workshop scheduled for May 30th costs just Rs 50, so if you or anyone you know might stand to benefit from it, we highly encourage to Register here today! (limited spots).

In this workshop, learn how to :

  • Reverse Engineer an Exam.

  • Assess your Prep Strategy

  • Optimize your Execution.

Also get to take home : Worksheets, Resource Library & our Custom Productivity Ramp.

This workshop is yet another attempt to reach out & help the most number of people in a very cost effective way.

As part of our budding community, we request you to Share this page with more details & registration button to your friends & online groups. Thanks for support!

Cheers & see you guys with StrangerSapiens Trio #36 tomorrow!

- Pranshu