Trio #43 3000 Words in 3 PNGs

3 curated ideas for Consistent Productivity based on a common theme

Everyday, we will bring to you a related set of 3 actionable tips, ideas & advice (mostly from Twitter)! These are meant to expand your thinking, knowledge & empower you to be the best version of yourself. The links (people, tools & processes) are also meant to add value :)

Today's theme is: 3000 Words in 3 PNGs

Today is all about connecting the dots (literally & figuratively) and we will shoe you 3 images to play this game with. Have fun :)

1.Follow Matthew for more good ideas :P

2. *Yell(p)s in sad 2021 noises*

3. The feeling of wanting to look away is string with this one….bUt aT wHaT cOst?

We hope you spend some time on the these & connect the dots to the ways you can update your life accordingly….you know like a Dystopian Human Software Update 😀

Keep safe and see you soon 💫