Trio #42 Clearing Muddy Thinking

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Today's theme is: Clearing Muddy Thinking

We often don't treat "thinking" as skill , when it clearly is : there are various levels and we get better with practice and right techniques.

How do we make our thinking less biased & more effective?

  1. What exactly is open mindedness? Do you have a CLEAR answer? This Mega thread goes into useful nuance :


  2. Once we are no longer at the beginner level, it's not about "Brute Force" but about being "effective" - getting further with less.

    And what George has listed here (First principles, experiments and feedback loops) are absolutely tremendous at doing just that.

    Why? Because that's how we iterate well -

  3. The internet can be seen as an "exponential multiplier" in the sense that if someone knows what they are doing : the growth is not linear but exponential because of the scale and network effects.

    Dickie talks about what "clear thinking" means to him. If you think about it, it's not very different from the "scientific mode of thinking"

    And no wonder it is. How else did we get to using mobiles a few thousand years after first starting agriculture?

    We hope this helps you navigate and filter the muddy waters of your own life a little better :)

    Keep safe and see you soon 💫