Trio #40 Connecting the Dots

3 curated ideas for Consistent Productivity based on a common theme

Everyday, we will bring to you a related set of 3 actionable tips, ideas & advice (mostly from Twitter)! These are meant to expand your thinking, knowledge & empower you to be the best version of yourself. The links (people, tools & processes) are also meant to add value :)

Today's theme is: Connecting the Dots

Continuing in the "insightful illustration" space from yesterday, today we bring you 3 illustrations that show the POWER of representing things visually. And all of them do it in their own unique way which we can readily apply to important things in our life :

  1. We have to admit we rarely come across something that's this simple yet so deep. A literal example of how connecting the dots "well" can allow for "truths" to emerge.

    Check this tweet for more context and to follow @gapingvoid. There's a lot where this came from -

  2. After going through it, you might notice how Picasso made a rough draft of the bull first. And then make it more nuanced before simplifying it to it's core essence. It tells us a lot without directly telling us - simplicity is not good for it's own sake.

    But someone who is a master of their craft can function at all levels of complexity and boil things down to a level that's deceptively simple - yet effective. The 80/20 principle but illustrated :

  3. This is what one calls a mind map. A very useful framework for planning or representing ideas.

    This one illustrates the various ways + tools for each way for anyone to earn their first dollar online. The original was thread by @heyblake & is the second tweet in the thread:

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