StrangerSapiens Trio #39

3 curated ideas for Consistent Productivity based on a common theme

Everyday, we will bring to you a related set of 3 actionable tips, ideas & advice (mostly from Twitter)! These are meant to expand your thinking, knowledge & empower you to be the best version of yourself. The links (people, tools & processes) are also meant to add value :)

Today's theme is: Pictures speak louder than words

We bring to you 3 ideas as illustrations. The 3 respective Twitter account managers are arguably among the best illustrators/educators in public eye today:

  1. @CraigBurgess runs this account which was the source of a full trio from us in the past.

  2. @JackButcher runs this black and white minimalist account that exemplifies "less is more".

  3. Tim Urban yet again delights with his deep insightful illustrations that make one think. What would you choose?

We will see you very soon with ideas, images, tools and techniques to make us Consistently Productivity.

Bit by bit. Everyday.