StrangerSapiens Trio #35

3 curated ideas for Consistent Productivity based on a common theme

Everyday, we will bring to you a related set of 3 actionable tips, ideas & advice (mostly from Twitter)! These are meant to expand your thinking, knowledge & empower you to be the best version of yourself. The links (people, tools & processes) are also meant to add value :)

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Today's theme is: Focus

In the last couple days, we looked at frameworks for decision making and how to keep track of them using a Decision Journal.

As you might have realized, decisions alone can't lead to results. In fact, the more decisions we have on our plate, the worse our capacity to get things done is.

This is where Focus comes in. And it comes in 2 flavors 😉 👉🏻

  1. Focus as a Noun : Or in other words, artfully eliminating items in today's To-dos so that you are left with only the highest leverage tasks. (PS : for those who might not be aware, To-dos are your Task list (s))


  2. Focus as a Verb : It is the act of sitting our butts on the chair and getting shit done.

    But there's a "legendary" form of focus - when time flies and we are completed absorbed in action : Scientists call it "Flow". The way we look at it - Anxiety is decisions without actions, Flow is action without decisions.

    Here's a couple more beautiful perspectives :

  3. Given this "Flow" sounds like the holy grail of Productivity and Well-being, how much can we rely on it? Well, students of flow say it's possible to get into it almost instantaneously. Try & see for yourself!


All 3 linked accounts are great follows in this space. We hope you try out these ideas and it makes your life a bit easier.

Bit by bit. Everyday.

Cheers and see you soon! 💫