FIRE (Financial Independence & Retiring Early) with Venkata Ramanan

Join us on June 16 from 6PM - 7PM to learn about FIRE in India 🔥

Hey, warm greetings :)

  • As a community focused on comprehensive wellbeing, we are starting open events in alignment with our community's vision. #FinancialWellbeing is an important piece of that, so we bring to you FIRE. Financial Independence & Retiring Early

    • AGENDA

      • What's FIRE? - Financial Independence & Retiring Early

      • The 4% rule

      • Does this work in India?

      • Cover the bases (Life, Medical Insurance, Emergency)

        • Buy or Rent? The Big question (House, car)

      • Investment Vehicles in India

        • From FD to gold to mutual fund to equity to SmallCase to cryptos

        • Break down of each

      • Unconventional - P2P, Invoice discounting, REIT (Just basic)

      • Overview of expense management

      • Book & blog recommendations

    • The session will be led by Venkata Ramanan, ViewSonic's Sales head, an Entrepreneur and a Crypto Enthusiast and someone we respect.

    • Book your spot for June 19 - 6 PM IST by signing up over here:

See you on the other side :)